Saturday, December 30, 2006

On all four wheels

As I’ve mentioned before, vacation doesn’t agree with my husband, so we took a day trip yesterday. Aside from getting lost at one point, it was a great day, but as we headed home, it suddenly sounded like a helicopter was hanging over our car. As I looked at the night sky like an idiot, my husband pulled over into the shoulder. Our tire had blown up.

I really mean exploded—I’ve never seen a tire in such bad shape. Of course, the tire needed to be replaced and we both knew that.

I waved goodbye to the hubcap as it rolled onto the interstate before our car had even pulled to a full stop, but my husband’s comment was something about how much hubcaps cost. Miraculously, neither of them got hit by a car when he ran after it.

After fretting over the fact our road side assistance had expired 500miles back, my husband managed to HeMan the wheel off and get the spare on. Now a spare is supposed to be good for 70miles or so, but we were still over an hour from home, with at least 70 miles of interstate left, and this wasn’t our first time using the spare. What choice did we really have though? It was too late to take it somewhere so we either had to stop at a hotel or try to make it home. We chose to go home—the fur-babies were waiting for us and they tend to expect things like dinner.

So, going 55 in a 70, we made our slow way home. Stretches of silence were broken by tense jokes as we both waited for the spare to give out. We joked about how the cars passing us traveled in packs, but since we were the gimpy ones, we were obviously lion food. We also stared at the abandoned cars on the side of the freeway, discussing which had tires that would fit our car. Finally, we made it home, relieved to be through with the little adventure.

So what has everyone else been doing with their between holiday time?

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