Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Impressions

My poor little brother.

He met his girlfriend’s family for the first time over Thanksgiving and was invited back for Christmas. She goes to school out of state, but her parents live instate, only about an hour away from my brother, so he picked her up from the airport with the intention of taking her home after they did a little Christmas shopping together. Apparently one member of her family (an uncle, I think) had a birthday yesterday, which they needed to attend. So, trying to make a good impression, my brother made cupcakes.

He isn't really a baking kind of guy (though he can cook amazing meals) and he definitely isn't a cake-decorating kind of guy. So, to make things easy, he bought cupcake mix, canned frosting, and colored gel with decorating tips. There were two different gel color tubes side-by-side at the store, one with pastel colors and one with darker colors; my brother chose the darker.

Maybe around noon yesterday, I got a call from him because he was making 'lava' cupcakes (with gooey chocolate filling) and he had messed up and the 'lava' ended up all on top of the cupcakes and not inside them. I told him just to let them cool and frost them the best he could, and I assured him they would still taste fine. Well, he did that, and he and his girlfriend wrote 'happy birthday' on all the cupcakes. She must not bake often either, because neither of them realized anything was wrong when all the colors came out nearly black instead of green, blue, or red.

Late last night I got another call. People were enjoying the cupcakes, but no one could figure out why everyone's mouths were changing colors---It wasn't decorating gel, the tubes (though they externally resembled decorating gel) contained straight food coloring! Someone eventually pinpointed the cupcakes as the culprit for the color changing lips and teeth. (And for those of you who don't know, food coloring stains. Only days away from Christmas, they may still have blue teeth and lips for the holidays)

I'll end this the way I started it. My poor little brother. All he wanted to do was make a good impression.

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