Thursday, December 14, 2006

A productive day

I finally had a day I felt was really productive. I needed one. It had been a while.

I tackled a huge chunk of revisions for DH today. I hope to have this edit finished soon so I can sit on it and reread it before sending it to my agent. This is the first edit I’ve done where I ended up adding more words than I deleted. It’s sort of weird, but by far not a bad feeling. I’ve been thinking about the scenes (decided on based on responses from editors) I’m adding for over a month now, letting them work themselves out, and I think it is flowing together nicely. I’ll see how much I like the additions next week. That’s usually a good indicator. Hopefully I’ll have one of those (very few and far between) moments where I go “I wrote this? Wow, I don’t remember it working out quite this well.” Usually I just look at anything I do and go “OMG someone get the defibrillator because this baby is crashing!” (I know I’m not the only one who does that, right? *looks around*)

I also dropped a short story in the box today. I’ve never submitted to a magazine before, but I’ve been sitting on several stories recently that I thought were, you know, okay. I suppose now I need to forget it’s out there. I hear magazines are far slower with their rejection slips than agents.

I have one other short story (okay, not that short, like 9k, but it needs editing…) sitting around that I keep saying I’m going to look at. I wrote it over a year ago now, looked at it for the first time maybe six months ago, cringed, and put it back in the drawer. It’s not that it is a bad story, I actually love the story, it came straight from a dream and is the closest I come to rainbows and fuzzy bunnies. But, I never spent anytime letting the dream mature, I just wrote it as soon as I woke up. (It actually took me the better part of two days to write because it was 13k originally and 6k is about my limit even if I’m on fire and fall asleep at my keyboard..) So the first edit only fixed the obnoxious language that must have sounded really cool to my muse while she was having a dream-high. I didn’t actually fix any of the other problems the story is plagued with. One day I really will drag it out of the drawer.

But I digress, I was talking about the story that I actually worked on. I’m excited. It’s the UF short that I wrote before nano and then the main character kept showing up and kicking me because she wanted a whole novel. I hope someone somewhere likes it. That might give me some encouragement to figure out what her (novel length) story actually would be about. (That pesky plot thing always gets in my way.)

So all and all, a good day spent in front of my computer. I really do feel better about myself when I’m productive. You would think that would be rewarding enough to make it happen everyday.

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