Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Random Things

Okay, I know I'm the last person on the internet to do this list, but people keep tagging me so here it is: 25 Random things about me.

1. My favorite foods are all breakfast foods--yet I scarf down non-breakfast food on my way to work everyday (mostly because I'm always running late.)

2. I can never settle on a favorite book, but if you ask me I'll probably give you a somewhat random list. (Yes, this list will change every time I'm asked.)

3. Ninety-eight percent of the time I don't like TV and consider it a waste.

4. I prefer to read books cover to cover in one sitting.

5. At least twenty plants have accumulated in my office and I have miraculously managed not to kill them despite my very un-green thumb.

6. I always wanted to play the part of Christine Deea on Broadway. Unfortunately, I can't sing.

7. I believe Tazo Passion tea is the nectar of gods.

8. Dragons are the best animal ever.

9. I started writing my first novel at age 12. It was totally a Tolkien knock off.

10. I finished my first novel at age 23. After eleven years, it took me only three months to write the first draft.

11. My first novel (yes that one I wrote at 23) is now published.

12. I once changed the gender of a character in the middle of a book--I kept writing through this change and didn't go back and fix the first half until I was done with the draft.

13. My favorite number is 13.

14. I hate when the spine of a book gets bent.

15. I can't help but laugh at how bad laffy taffy jokes are.

16. My favorite color is blue.

17. My bookshelves at home are organized by genre then by author. The bookshelves are the only organized thing in my house.

18. The concept of making a bed strikes me as ridiculous. After all, the first thing you do when you crawl in a bed is kick out the corners. (Or, at least that's what I do)

19. My extremities are always cold.

20. I have too many hobbies.

21. My critique partners suggested I name my laptop. It is now "The Write Machine" (for some reason, this did not please them. ^_^)

22. I still consider myself a total geek despite the fact I no longer participate in the majority of the geek hobbies I once loved.

23. I read Dr. Seuss books aloud to my dog.

24. My brother recently got me into hoop dancing (see number #20.)

25. I've never learned to take a compliment (or accept gifts.) Friends have finally forced me out of the habit of arguing against a compliment, so now I tend to blink stupidly at the person telling me they like my writing/my paintings/my shirt...whatever... and change the subject. I'm working on it. Really.

That's twenty-five. Now you all know some really random stuff.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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