Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In retrospect

If you watch my twitter feed or are a facebook/myspace friend, you probably noticed that yesterday was my birthday and that I have now marked the end (and new beginning) of another year.

This past year was a busy one. A lot of new and exciting things happened in my writing career and in my personal life. One of the biggest highlights is, of course, the release of Once Bitten, but many other events have occurred which will likely affect the coming year. Not everything from the past year has been great, there are lots of aspects of myself and my life I hope to change, but overall, it was a good year.

I took a vacation day yesterday, and spent most of the daylight hours contemplating the year, and relaxing and reading (I am notoriously grouchy on my birthday, so a maximum amount of alone time actually is best.) Then I celebrated with family, laughing and doing the singing/presents/cake thing. It was a good time. Somehow I managed to end up with three cakes in total. So, today I happily spread those calories around to my coworkers. (Birthday cheer for everyone!)

What do you do on your birthday?

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