Friday, February 20, 2009

In the paper!

You might remember me mentioning the fact I was interviewed by my local small town paper last week. Well, the article came out yesterday and I made the front page!

I know the images I'm posting are far too small to read, but I'm linking them to PDF files if you are interested in reading the full article. The paper's name got cut out of the scan (and yes, the first page is crooked--I fail at scanning) but the paper is The Country Chronicle which is part of Camden Media Co. LLC

In other news, if you've been following my twitter feed, you know that I've been reading over the first draft of the second book in my Haven series, which I wrote at least two years ago. The good news: it is obvious that I have grown a lot as a writer over the last few years. The bad news: there is very little salvageable material in the draft, so I have a lot of work to do. I need to re-outline the book (to tighten up some aspects of the main plot as well as cut a subplot that was axed from the first book and weave in trails of one that was added,) and write a synopsis. Then it will be time to pull out my word count meter and start pumping out pages, so watch for that in the next week or so.

Have a good weekend everyone!


JM said...

Wonderful article! And you're compared to Stephenie Meyer! What an honor!
You'll be on many brick and mortar shelves soon because of this, I'll bet.
Great job.

Darlene C. Goodman said...

Congrats, Kalayna! It's a great article.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news! And I love the articles, too. Congrats all the way around. :-)