Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deadlines: Real and Imagined

In the past, I've often set goals for when I wanted to complete a piece of writing. The key word in that sentence is wanted. Up until recently, I haven't had an hard deadlines in my writing career.

Things have changed.

The first book in my contract is due in October of this year. After that, I have books due every year until 2013.

I have deadlines now. Real deadlines. Which means I probably need to spend more effort making sure I meet my imaginary deadlines. I have one coming up soon. I'm supposed to finish the first draft of HB2 by June 3rd. It's not a hard deadline, but it's the goal I set for myself, so I'm pushing for it. (Not to mention that week is SIMS 3 is released and if I want to squeeze in some guilt free playing, the two weeks while I let the draft sit are the perfect time. Also, fellow Tri Mu Sarah has threatened to taunt me with game facts if she gets the game first and I am still writing--yes we are geeks.)

So, I have about 13 days to finish the book. I dawdled a little in the middle, which put me well and truly behind. The 30k-40k 'trouble stretch' is now behind me, (I always hate anything I write at that point in a book, every book) so hopefully the forward momentum of the story will keep me moving. According to my progress meter, I'm about 60% through the book. My outline doesn't completely agree--but it doesn't always.

Okay, I'm going to splash my word meter up. Then go get some words on the page because I'll be out of town this weekend. Have a good one everyone!

52694 / 90000 words. 59% done!

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