Monday, February 22, 2010

TWICE DEAD is a Dark Fantasy Bestseller!

I have been behaving recently and not checking my sales rank on a regular basis, (okay, so 'behaving' actually means my deadlines are looming dangerously close and I haven't had time to cyber stalk my own sales) so when I received a message from my publisher letting me know Twice Dead had reached #2 on Fictionwise's  Bestselling Dark Fantasy list, I was taken completely by surprise. Wow, I totally hid the exciting information in the middle of that excessively long sentence. Let me try that again.

Twice Dead is the #2 on Fictionwise's Bestselling Dark Fantasy List! (That's better. ^_^)

Okay, sorry, I had to take a short break and dance around my living room--again. Thank you everyone who has ordered the book! I hope you enjoy it! It looks like many of you are also picking up Once Bitten for the first time too, because Once Bitten has climbed to #12 on the Dark Fantasy list. Yes, I have two books in the top twenty dark fantasy bestsellers!

To celebrate, I'll hold another contest in the next few days, so check back soon.

In related news, Twice Dead, is now available at Barnes & Noble and Book-a-Million so hopefully you should now be able to get your hands on a copy anywhere books are sold. Also, I have been urged to start a newsletter, so after much research into mailing lists, I have finally settled on a provider.

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Happy Monday everyone! (A very happy Monday for me!)

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Anonymous said...

I caved last week and got Twice Dead through amazon. Figures that the day I get, it's put up on Barnes & Noble. Oh, well. But as soon as I'm done reading my current book, I'm cracking open Twice Dead. I'm sure it shall be fabulous.