Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cons--The Big One

Dragon*con is the big con of the year for me. Oh, there are other big cons out there: RT booklovers con, RWA National, and World Fantasy, but even with those, Dragon holds its weight (and besides, I still haven't made it to any of those others). With around 40k people annually and more than two dozen tracks (each filled with panels) Dragon is a con where you never see everything--it's just too big. That said, despite my geeky ways, I can narrow down the tracks I want to see, and typically there are only a few conflicts where there are two (or sometimes more) places I want to be at once.

For me, Dragon is a time interact with other writers, to hear about new books, to pick up some crafting tips, to see cool costumes, to hang out with favorite bands, and to generally immerse myself in geek culture. I always walk away from Dragon with some new idea or interest. I can't even tell you how many bands I was first exposed to at Dragon, and my interest in hooping was initially germinated at Dragon. If you've never attended, I highly encourage you to look into the con. With so much going on, it is almost sure to interest anyone with any geek/alternative/literary/paranormal bend.

I leave today for the con, (I'm actually supposed to be packing at the moment) and my internet connectivity once I reach the con is questionable. I might not respond to many questions until next week, but I do have post scheduled for while I'm gone, so don't forget to check back. I will have twitter access, so you can follow what I'm up to, and if you're looking for me at the con, I'll try to keep twitter up to date with where I'll be.

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this quick video. Aside from writing, writing, and rewriting over the last few weeks, I've also been making buttons like a fiend. Check out this time lapse to see them.

(BTW, if you didn't see it yesterday, be sure to check out the  extended excerpt of Grave Witch!)

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Marcia Colette said...

*sniffle* I sooooo wish I could be there. Right now, it's on my tentative list for next year. That might easily change, considering this is the third year in row I'll be missing out. I need me some DragonCon.