Guest Post from Lucienne Diver: Top Ten Things to Love about Being Fanged and Fabulous

As many of you probably know, the absolutely fabulous Lucienne Diver is my agent. What you may not know about Lucienne is that on top of being a wonderful agent, she is an amazing author. She writes a fun and sassy YA novel you have to check out. I read the first novel, Vamped, when it first came out last year, and I can't wait to dive into the sequel, Revamped, which just hit shelves. What, on top of adventure, danger, cute boys, deception, vampires, and a character with perfect fashion sense makes this series one that can't be missed?

Voice. And lots of it.

Lucienne's guest post is full of that same great voice, so I hope you enjoy!

More of Gina's Gems (from the notebooks of Gina Covello, fashionista of the damned and star of Vamped and Revamped)

Top Ten Things to Love about Being Fanged and Fabulous

Vampires don't get zits.  Score!

Paparazzi can't catch candid shots of you with stubble, smudgy eyeliner, plumbers' butt or other fashion disasters.

When someone tells you "you suck," they mean it literally.

Eternal youth means never having to say you're saggy.

Moonlight is totally flattering.


The all-liquid diet is very slimming.

If something costs you an arm and a leg, you can always grow it back.

Let's face it, the neck-biting is just sexy.

And the #1 thing to love:

Fangs are always fashion-forward.

Lucienne Diver writes humorous vamps, because it's hard to take life seriously when your puppy sits under your desk licking your toes as you type.  Her heroine, Gina, got her start in Vamped and, as will come as no surprise to those who've read it, subsequently decided she wanted more.  Thus, one book became to and two, two will become four…who knows where it will stop.  Today the bookstore, tomorrow, the mall!  You can learn more about her here:
Author blog: 
Character's blog:

Thank you for joining us here on the blog party, Lucienne!
Happy Tuesday everyone.


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