Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*Con Photo Splash Post

When you go to a convention like Dragon*Con the people watching (and more accurately, the costume ogling) is a big part of the experience. I'll be honest, I'm terrible about taking pictures. I walk around thinking "wow, that's a great costume" and I feel like I'm constantly taking pictures, but at the end of the day, I tend to walk out with only a handful. Thankfully, I have friends who take many, many more pictures than me.

Every year you guaranteed to see dozens if not hundreds of Slave Leias, storm troopers, and other immediately recognizable characters. They are great, but you've probably already seen pictures of them and most start blending together. So, in this photo mash-up, I'll focus on the costumes which either delighted me in originality, were from obscure sectors of geekdom, were absolutely stunning in execution, or made me laugh or say 'aww'.  Ready?

First up is the cutest Captain America I've ever seen. This kid must have been four at the most, though I'm guessing he was closer to three. Still, when I asked him for a picture, he immediately sank into this iconic pose. Too adorable. 

 Keeping with the cute theme, to the right is a group of My Little Ponies*.

 Some costumes are as much about performance as the actual craftsmanship of the costume. To the left is a weeping angel from Dr. Who. I don't know how long this girl stood in this one spot, letting passerbys take her picture, but it must have been quite a while because several of us got her picture. Remember, don't Blink. Don't even blink.

Speaking of costumes as performance. If you go in costume, it's always good to know what pose you plan to take before you get to the con. It's also good if you can hold it a while because once one person stops to ask you for a picture, people in great costumes tend to be stuck for a while.* 

Groups with themed costumes always catch my attention. Though, it's not always important for everyone to fit in. I thought this group of Depp characters and the Red Queen was a lot of fun. I found them at the bar when I went down to meet some friends, and I have no idea if they came together or just happened to be chatting when I hit them up for a picture, but they were a funny group.

I feel like I should know who this group is supposed to be. Steampunk wizard of Oz? Some twist on TinMan maybe? I'm not sure, I just know I loved their costumes.

I have no idea if this girl was supposed to be a specific character or if this costume is one of her own design, but she was rocking it. I especially love the stylized wings.*

 I have a little over a hundred photos on my computer from the con, but there isn't time or space to share them all, so I'll leave you with this last one. I wish I had better picture of this knight and dragon mount. This was a truly spectacular sight as this huge costume was 'steered' by the rider and was fully mobile. It was impressive to say the least.

Okay, well, there is a quick look at some of my favorite costumes from the con. Let me leave you with one quick question: If you decided to go to the con in costume, what would you go as?

(Any photo with commentary followed by an asterisk(*) was taken by Shawn with Necrotechnical Designs and was used with permission)

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Karen Williams said...

yup. You're right. It *is* Steampunk Oz. My friend is the scarecrow.