An afternoon post on contests and pictures--Your opinion needed!

Irmo, SC by Michelle
Several people have sent me pictures of Grave Witch on shelves or even a few of people with a copy, and am absolutely loving seeing the pictures. In fact, I think they are so awesome that I'm considering holding a contest so more people send me such pictures.

The question with such a contest is what to give away.

A signed book really wouldn't work as most people entering will have already bought a copy. I was thinking something special. Something unique.

Charlotte, NC by Sabrina Luna
If you've noticed my etsy link in the sidebar, you know that I make hand beaded bookmarks and jewelry, so I was thinking about creating an original, Grave Witch themed bookmark. Would that be something you as readers would be interested in? Would it be worth taking a picture of you (or your cat, or your plant, or get creative[but stay "G" rated]) with a copy of Grave Witch to enter a contest to win such a limited edition bookmark?
BAM, Columbia, SC

I'm still looking for the perfect charms to make such a bookmark--it's nearly Halloween, you'd think I'd be able to find more charms that would tie in with the book--but let me know if you think you'd be interested. I'll redouble my efforts in the search and make a couple prizes if that the contest is one you'd like!


Jessica said…
That sounds awesome!! I still need to get out to the bookstore myself, but I will be sure to bring my camera!
Kalayna Price said…
Yea! One supporter of the idea. Anyone else?
Kt said…
I think that is a great idea for a contest! I love custom bookmarks for books! My copy is on the kindle so it will have to be a picture of it on the screen. ;) I can't wait to see what you come up with for a charm!
Great Idea as the one thing I collect besides books are bookmarks of all kinds... However my copy is in mail limbo and not sure when it will come in for me to take a picture with it....

jackie ^_^
Anonymous said…
Jewelry or bookmarks would be great!
Kathy Franklin

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