GRAVE DANCE cover revealed

Today is the day, and I am very pleased to reveal the cover for the second Alex Craft novel, GRAVE DANCE. I could build this up a bit, but I think I'll just splash the cover and not keep you waiting in further suspense.

So, what do you think?

Personally, I think it's absolutely striking. It retains the ethereal and contemplative aspect of the Grave Witch cover while the closer crop and forward angle of Alex's body adds an edge of power and assertiveness. The cityscape visible behind the cemetery is a gorgeous touch, and I love that they kept the subdued blue greys overall  with just a single splash of brilliant of color with Alex's shirt (green this time). In short, I love it and I absolutely cannot wait to see it on the shelf beside the first book!

Happy hump day everyone! 


RKCharron said…
Thank you for sharing*.
All the best,
* = also teasing in that I want the book NOW! :)
Robyn said…
Such a gorgeous cover, I'm glad you showed us!! I can't wait for my copy of Grave Witch to arrive and then I'll have that to hold me over while waiting for Grave Dance! <3<3
Anonymous said…
The cover looks great. When does Grave Dance come out?
Anonymous said…
annie.b said…
I'm not worried about the cover, I just want a story as good as the first. Very enjoyable.

NaNo word count (accumulative): 2,886. Still short of goal. Hoping for a good weekend.
Nicole said…
Nice cover! not skanky like so many urban fantasy covers. I like the first book so far and im already excited for the second
Christine said…
This is such a beautiful cover, hust like the one of Grave Witch! I have to agree with Nicole, if only all Urban Fantasy covers would be like yours...
Thanks so much for sharing!
Simon said…
Opps looks like i posted too soon. Oh well. I do like the cover. it is very well done.

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