Dahlonega's 7th annual Literary Festival

I know I posted a while back that my conference and convention season for 2010 was over, but a couple weeks ago I was invited to be a guest at Dahlonega's 7th annual Literary Festival and I was delighted to accept. The festival is this weekend (November 12-14th) in Dahlonega, GA and based on the schedule I just received, it will be a wonderful event.

I'm not sure if a full event schedule is available on the website yet, but I'll be sitting on the following panels:

Saturday 10:45 - 11:30 -  Fantasy vs. the Great American Novel.
(Panelists: Seressia Glass, Kalayna Price, Jeffrey Stepakoff, River Jordan, William Rawlings, Vicki Alvear Shecter, Susan Hubbard)

Sunday 11:10 - 11:55 - Finding Topics That Sell, Practical Options for Finding the “Right” Plot for Your Fiction
(Panelists: William Rawlings, River Jordan, Susan Hubbard, Jon Turk, Patrick Michael Finn, Jeffry Stepakoff, Seressia Glass, and Kalayna Price)

Sunday 3:30 – 4:15 - A Woman’s Voice in the Creation and Business of Writing 
(Panelists: Laura Knorr, River Jordan, Vickie Alvear Shecter, Seressia Glass, and Kalayna Price)

I will also be at the Welcome Reception on Friday night, the dinner event on Saturday, and Sunday's Brunch. And they've scheduled me for three signings during the event:
Saturday 11:30-12:00pm,  Sunday 12:00-12:30pm, and Sunday 4:15-5:00pm.

If you'll be at the festival, I hope you'll introduce yourself and say hi. I look forward to meeting you. 


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