Nano Day 2 and Grave Witch in the Wild finalists

It's day two of NaNo. How are things going? I saw several of you knocked a nice chuck of your word count out last night. Congrats! If you find you're falling a little behind, no worries--you have plenty of time to catch up. If you find you're spending a lot of time staring at your screen and not writing, try setting a timer for short bursts of writing--try 10 to 15 minutes at a time and you might be surprised what you can accomplish when a timer is counting down. If you're having trouble carving time to write out of your busy day, remember that you don't need long periods of time. If you can jot down a sentence or two at a time while cooking dinner or waiting on the kids to get out of after school activities you'll find yourself a lot closer to your goal when you finally do reach your computer. (Also, thinking about your story throughout the day will keep it percolating in the back of your head.)  So, how are those word counts looking?

Switching gears, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Grave Witch in the Wild contest! I received some great entries (as you'll soon see) and I have to say, I'm glad I don't have to pick the winner because it would be tough! It's up to you guys to vote on the winner (yes, I'm leaving the tough choices up to you. Also, remember that a second winner will be randomly selected using a random number generator.) Voting will be open until 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 7th. You may cast your vote here in the comments (and if you do, please mention why you picked the entry you chose) or you may vote anonymously in the "Poll" box in the left hand column of the blog.

Okay, let's see the options, shall we? (Numbers are above the entry)

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Option #4

It's going to be tough, isn't it? I told you. ^_^ You may vote based on any criteria like, and feel free to try to rally support for your favorite here in the comments or elsewhere using this link ( ) back to the post. So, which has your vote?

Happy Tuesday!


Emily Suess said…
Option #2. Because it's a cat reading a book! :)
Dawn said…
#2, because... it's mine! And, I love kitties! :-)

be well...
Anonymous said…

I like the one with the Cat reading the Kindel.

That is: OPTION # 2

Anonymous said…
I'll go with option 2. My Briege looks like that, sans Kindle.
Unknown said…
@ 2 because I love my Kindle and obviously the cat is hook also. Also it is a nice clear, wwell focused [icture.
Anonymous said…
Option 2...
Kt Clapsadl said…
Please vote for my daughter, option 4 :)
Unknown said…
Oh, come on. Option 4. She's adorable.
Anonymous said…
Option #2...OF COURSE!!

Good Luck Dawn!
Joann said…
Option #2!!! = )
Kira said…
Option #3 because that mask is amazing!
Marty said…
I vote for Option #2!
Daniel Poehlman said…
I'll have to go with Option #2. It's just plain frightening to see a cat bettering himself through reading.
Anonymous said…
OK, It's Thursday and I still like


Good Cat and Good Kindel.

Coelha :B said…
#2 because all cats should be given the opportunity to read!! Go kitties!!! :) Julie
Unknown said…
Option #4
Hands down!!!!

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