Wanna grab some Grub?

I have to seriously wonder where the saying "grab some grub" to mean get some food came from. Why am I wondering about this? Mostly because I just spent the last two hours in my garden fighting a grub infestation.

I mean really, do these guys look yummy to you?

Yeah, me neither. And I must tell you, I'm rather distressed by their presence. When I first moved to my new place, I put three 4X4 garden plots down, but I only used two of them because it was so late in the season. The third I decided I would be enterprising, and as this development was built on nutrient deficient sand, do a little open air composting. I have a compost bin, but as a whole I have more grass clippings and weeds than I need in a single bin, so I dumped the extra in the empty garden bed hoping it would improve the soil by the time I'm ready to plant next spring. At first I turned and watered it regularly, but then I probably got a little slack.

Recently I noticed the grubs. Major ick.

I'm not real sure what to do about these guys. I don't want to hard core poison the box because I would like to grow stuff in it eventually. I considered burning it, but 1- I'm pretty sure my homeowners association would have something to say about my starting a bonfire in my garden and 2-it actually composted pretty well, so I'm not sure it would burn. As you can see from the photo, I sifted and plucked a good pound of those suckers from the soil, but I'm sure I missed some.

Anyone have any suggestions?

(Yes, this post is completely unrelated to any aspect of writing. I know, I know, the blog is supposed to be about writing. Let me think . . . How about this parallel: When revising, you have to roll up your sleeves and dig the ugly/bad/gross stuff out of your story to end up with a healthy book?)

Happy Thursday everyone. And seriously, anyone have any tips on how to clear out this grub infestation?


Tiah said…
GAG! Those are nasty. You have a big bag of fish bait! I have heard of people leaving out a small bowl of beer dug in the ground, the grubs are attracted to it (aren't we all} and they drown.
Unknown said…
Here's a website that gives a bunch of different ways to kill the little suckers. I hope it's helpful.

the Gardner said…
Good save on making this a writing post. I like the parallel.

With a name like "the Gardener," I should be able to say soming intelligent about those little buggers, but I can't. I'm waiting to learn from you on this one.

By the way: Uck!

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