Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fandomfest Schedule

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June 28-July 1st I'll be in Louisville, Kentucky for Fandomfest. This will be my first time at Fandomfest, so I'm very excited but a little nervous. If you see me looking lost and alone, please come talk to me. (Even if I don't look lost and alone, come talk to me! I love talking to new and old friends alike.)  The panels look great, and I'll be at a table with John Hartness and James Tuck, so I think this will be an awesome conference. I hope I'll see you there. Here is my schedule:

Horror Genre Perspectives from Female Writers (Morrow Room)
Join a discussion with a group of female authors as they explore the horror genre from the context of a woman’s perspective!
Panel Features:   Selah Janel (M), Mandi M. Lynch, SH Roddey, Pamela Turner, Kalayna Price

Using Folklore in Fiction (Wilson Room)
Folklore is at the heart of much of today’s speculative fiction, whether the genre is paranormal romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, or many others.  This panel features a discussion on integrating folklore into your fiction, with a few people that know more than a thing or two about the topic!
Panel Features: Sarah Adams, Tally Johnson (M), A Christopher Drown, Marian Allen, Gail Z Martin, Kalayna Price

World Building Part I: How to Approach It (Taylor Room)
World building elements are a part of all areas of speculative fiction, not just the genres like Epic Fantasy.  But there are always lots of things to think about when designing a new land or world for a story, and this panel will explore the right ways to approach this task.
Panel Features: Scott Sandridge, Janice Hardy, Thomas Paul Barczack, Tracy Chowdhury, Kirk Stevens (M), Kalayna Price

I Want to Be a Vampire: Why the Paranormal World is So Appealing in Books  (Beckham Room)
Team Jacob, Team Edward in The Forks, True Blood in Bon Temps, Vampire academies and Shifters in the military, Hogwarts and magic and don’t for get those Supernatural brothers. It all seems so realistic in the movies and the books hold out attention and more than a few wish they could be a part of the action. We escape reality in various way but lately many media venues have taken up the paranormal charge. Where do you think this genre is heading? Join a panel of authors who will discuss their paranormal work and ask the questions few readers get to ask.
Panel Features: James Tuck (M), Georgia Jones, Rose Pressey, Angie Fox, Delilah Dawson, Kalayna Price

Exploring Genres: Urban Fantasy (Beckham Room)
Urban Fantasy has evolved and expanded over the years, and our panel will take a look at where it is now, and where it is going.  Strengthened by hit TV series, movies, and the exploding popularity of eBooks, urban fantasy is one of the strongest speculative fiction genres without a doubt!
Panel Features: James Tuck, Kimberly Richardson, Richard Kadrey, Angie Fox Carol Malcolm (M) Rachel Smith, Kalayna Price

The Big 6 and Traditional Press’ Place in Today’s Publishing World: (Beckham Room)
Panel Features James Tuck (M), Kalayna Price, Laura Resnick, Michael Williams, Richard Kadrey