Monday, June 18, 2012

Win an Alex Craft series or Haven series themed shirt!

Some of you who've seen me at conventions recently know that I've started selling Alex Craft and Haven themed t-shirts. I was screen printing them myself for the last year, but I finally farmed the printing out to a company so I can keep up with demand. I now have s-xxl in stock and ready for upcoming conventions as well as for sale on the site. ($20 each - free shipping in the US.)

To celebrate the change, and to get the word out about the upcoming book release, I thought I'd give away a few t-shirts. (Everyone likes free stuff, right?) Are you interested?

Entering is easy. Simply mention GRAVE MEMORY's upcoming release or link to the excerpt on Twitter/ your Blog/Facebook/etc. Then return here and leave a link to the mention in the comments section. Each mention between now and Sunday the 24th at 11:59pm will count as an entry (no more than one entry per each form of social media per day.) I'll draw three winners on Monday. Winners will be able to pick one shirt in whichever design they want. (Open Internationally)

Easy right?

Oh, and here are the shirts! What do you think?
Willing to have
a near Death

Fae Investigation Bureau

Terrible backup
Excellent spies
Don't call me


~Melissa~ said...

I linked to it on my FB page on 6/18

I am not sure how else to show you the link though! :)

Peggan said...!/peggan

Here is my entry 6/18/2012

Linda said...

I tweeted:
Keeping my fingers crossed that this is international =D

best wishes, Linda xo

Kalayna Price said...

Yes! I should have put that in the post--this contest is open internationally!

Maria A. said...

Hopefully one of these two works.. I'm seriously terrible with links. Sorry :s I'm assuming if you take the m out & put www in its place works, just didn't want to change what I copied. I should just buy them (they're all awesome) since I'm terrible/dumb with all this other stuff. :)

Anyways, nice job with the shirts!

Nicola said...

I posted on facebook.

Great T-shirts!

Nicola said...

And I REALLY want a t-shirt, so I posted on Twitter too... :D

Not quite sure how to get a link to the exact tweet though.

mmtz said...

Looking forward to reading Grave Memory

Flying Fatality said...

Here's the link to my linkage.


Flying Fatality said...

Shared a link on my FB page, not sure how to copy that. Here's my FB link though. I'm a fan on FB, so hopefully you will have access to see.


Angkrosnick said...!/angelakrosnick

I linked to facebook!


Angkrosnick said...!/angelakrosnck


EzzieRae said...

I posted on twitter:


Stef Shivelhood said...

Linked to my FB page on June 21st

EzzieRae said...

I twittered again today:


Carrie G said...

I am trying to enter but for some reson the box is not there for me:/ Anyway I hope this works tks so much