Friday, July 06, 2007

Catastrophe in a Power Suit

I started a new job in a big office this week. Thirty minutes into my first day, the police responded to a 911 hung-up and showed up to make sure everything was all right. Every phone in the office has a unique number, and when they looked up which phone the call came from, they found it originated at, you guessed it, MY phone. Luckily I had been with my boss since arriving, and she knew I hadn't touched the phone, but I still had people picking at me all day asking if the job was so stressful I had to call the cops to rescue me thirty minutes in.

About an hour after the cop fiasco, someone stopped by my desk to introduce herself. I stood to shake her hand, and apparently my chair rolled away. Not realizing this fact, I sat back down, caught only the edge of the chair, which sent it sliding across the floor and dumped me on my butt. Oh, and of course, I was wearing a skirt suite set.

*sigh* This officially goes down as the most embarrassing day of my life. What a way to break the ice at a new job, huh?

So what embarrassing things have you done in front of coworkers or other people you would like to impress?


Fred Charles said...

What a great way to start a new job. On the plus side, It can only get better.

I know a guy who had a toilet expode on him his first day of work...

Rachel Vincent said...

Bless your heart! But at least that day is over. I hope the rest of them go more smoothly. ;-)

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

I survived the week and am on the next with no major I guess there isn't some angry ghost trying to off me or anything.

Fred: How awful! I hope they let him go home and change. Poor guy!