Friday, July 20, 2007

A special kind of evil, Bloglines, and Woot!

There is a very special kind of evil in this world. The evil that brings sugary tastiness to the office when she knows all her coworkers are on a diet. That evil is me. *takes her bow* Thank you.

(Okay, there is more to that story, but the short of the long is that yesterday was my Mother's birthday, so I baked like 5 dozen cookies that are her (and my) favorite. With that many--and since its a super special family recipe--I thought I'd share. Apparently every woman over the age of 16 is on a diet, so bringing cookies to your coworkers is *baaad*)

Switching gears Bloglines being weird for anyone else? Aside from one or two people on my list, things have been pretty quiet on the blogfront recently. Or, so I thought. It seems that Bloglines has only been sending me posts by people on blogger...those using Live Journal or Wordpress have not been showing up. That changed this morning, when I logged on to a message that there were 99 new posts waiting for me to read. I've a lot of catching up to do!
Any one else having this problem?

In other news, I've discovered a new dangerous time waster (which is so not something I need!) For those of you with addictive personalities, avoid this link. For everyone else, you must check out the craziness that is Woot! They sell junk...and they admit that, and even make fun of themselves. It's hysterical...but the scary addictive part is the people who buy the stuff. They are like cyber-cult members. There is this thing called a "woot-off" going on right now in which every time woot sells out of one item of junk, a new one pops up. There could be one of the item, or 2000--the buyers have no idea, but they want to see what's next. So, the forum is full of people trying to talk everyone else into buying the junk, and comments like--"well, I took one for the team and bought three." It makes me wonder if some of these people have closets full of this junk? At the same time, I wasted hours last night (and over cooked one batch of cookies) sitting and hitting refresh to see the next item. Scary addictive thing. Good thing I don't have any money!

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