Monday, March 01, 2010

Crawling around the web

Wow, I have been all over the web recently, but I've been a little quiet here on my blog. If you are missing your fix of my random ramblings (I mean totally on topic and completely insightful, er, insights--riiight) you might check out some of the following guest posts.

-I was a guest over at the Dark Faerie Tales blog on 2/22 and blogged about why I chose to write about cat shifters in my Haven series.

-On 2/23 I was over at Literary Escapism talking about writing and real life research.

-Friday (2/26) I was over with the awesome ladies at Riding with the Top Down to talk about how BIC is good for the book but bad for the waist.

-Thursday (3/4) I'll be blogging over at The Magic District about whether I ever put real people in my novels, and this post will contain a (short) deleted scene from Once Bitten, so make sure you check it out.

-Friday (3/5) I'll be blogging on the Modern Myth Makers blog, but I have no idea what my subject will be yet. Anyone have questions or a topic they'd like me to cover?

Have a great Monday everyone!


pamela said...

Wow cute blog! I came here from your website! I'm ordering your book this week when i get paid and can't wait to read it! Love a good vampire book... that doesn't sparkle..

Kalayna Price said...

Hi Pamela. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the Haven series.