Monday, March 15, 2010

My RavenCon Schedule is here

I just received my schedule for RavenCon, so if you plan to be at the con, you can find me at the following panels and workshops. I must say, I was assigned a very interesting selection of panels. This should be quite an experience. Below is the schedule with time, panel/workshop title, and the description provided by RavenCon.

I hope to see you there!

Friday Schedule:
  • 6pm Book Launch Hour: Come hear about new releases at RavenCon.
  • 9pm Got Sex?: When making the decision to fade to black or to go graphic--what determines the writers actions? Is there a demand from the readers or is there a form of self gratification? Or is it both?
  • 10pm Where Have All the Female Vampires Gone: (No description available)--I'll be moderating this panel.

Saturday Schedule:
  • 11am Pitching Your Work and Writing a Query Letter: A two hour workshop which begins with a presentation and is then followed by participants drafting their very own query letter. Letters will be read and critiqued by a panel consisting of agents, publishers and writers.
  • 4pm Is Romance the Future of SF/F: Urban Fantasy blossomed in the romance section of the bookstore before spreading widely to the fantasy shelves. Was this the first stirring of the sub-genre, and can we look to romance for the future?
  • 5pm What Did you Say about my Writing?: Should I or shouldn't I join that group at my local bookstore? Authors discuss the pros and cons of being part of a writers group.
  • 6pm I'll be signing copies of Once Bitten and Twice Dead in the Dealers Room for an hour.

Sunday Schedule:
  • 1pm Leyaks Don't Get No Respect:World mythology is full of weird and wondrous beings who've yet to make their mark on the fiction bestseller lists. Writers and artists talk about their favorite obscure creatures and why they deserve their time to shine…or darkly glow, as the case may be.
  • 3pm To Kindle or Not to Kindle--That is the Question: The ebook reader battle continues. Has it been decided that the Kindle will be the norm or are there other choices? Actually-is there a future for ebooks or has the fad come and gone?


Marcia Colette said...

Dang. I so wish I was going to RavenCon this year. I had already promised myself RT Booklover's Convention and I wasn't doing two cons in one month. *sigh* Next year, hopefully, will be a RavenCon year.

P.S. You HAVE to go to RT one of these days. You'll flip when you find out how much fun they are. ;-)

Kalayna Price said...

I seriously considered RT. It was a 'nearly almost' thing. But ultimately I decided to put it off one more year. I didn't start considering it until February, and with an April 1st deadline, RavenCon the first weekend of April, and the Steampunk World Faire the second weekend of May, I didn't think I'd survive adding RT in the middle. LOL

Next year I'll plan early. I'm totally going in 2011.