Monday, March 22, 2010

Revision Funnies

I'm currently polishing the second Alex Craft novel in preparation of turning it over to my editor in the coming weeks. That means I'm revising. A lot. Most of the time, the line edit type revision that needs to be done is tightening, clarification, or expounding on an idea. Or, because I tend to write so fast my fingers don't always keep up with my brain, this includes adding in the words that somehow got dropped between my head and the keyboard--typically articles and preposition (I don't know why, that just seems to be the case. I know I thought them when I was composing the sentence, but upon rereading, articles and prepositions have vanished. Maybe there is a gnome that scurries through my manuscript stealing my articles and leaving 'just' and 'even' in its wake.) Anyway, most of these edits are tedious and, while important, nothing of interest.  But, as I've been working through the manuscript, I've found several very funny mistakes, which I've decided to share for your amusement.

  • "Comma inducing death spell" as my critique partner pointed out, contrary to popular belief, commas really aren't deadly.
  • "pedestrians ran into buildings" Ouch. They should probably run inside.
  • "I had my purse over my shoulder and halfway out the door" That's one active purse. Can I buy a verb? 

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Demon Hunter said...

Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your revisions. ;-)

Susan said...

Thanks for doing the tedious revisions, so we can read a great book! Just keep thinking of us, your readers, waiting anxiously for your book to be in our hands!