Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day two of Nano—Post Surgery

Well today has been an interesting day two of Nano. As the title indicates, my surgery was this morning, and I won’t go into all the bloody details (I had surgery on my jaw and they had to cut and peel down a section of my gums, oh yeah, that was a blast) but let’s just say I could have had a better day. I slept a lot, but I did get some writing done.

When I finally got around to writing, I read over what I wrote yesterday and decided it all blew chunks and I needed to trash it. Since I am on lots of fuzzy pain pills, I decided that might be a little rash, so it went to a scrap folder instead of getting the permanent vacation. Currently I’m under the impression my new opening is much better, we will see how that holds up once they take the codeine away.

I made the official statement at last nights kick-off that I’m setting my personal goal at 95k for the month (that’s only 3k a day, right?) so maybe it would be best if I keep the codeine…. So far I’m right on track for Nano’s goal, but falling behind for my own. Word counters everywhere seem to be melting down (probably from massive overuse, hopefully they will be back soon.) Here is my wordcount a la old fashioned text:


According to excel if I keep working at my current pace I’ll finish December 21(personal goal)…which is missing it by a month. Hopefully I’ll be more cognizant tomorrow (and less nauseated) so will be able to pick it up a notch.

Oh I almost forgot. I joined Rachel Caine’s Nano group. Check it out .

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fred charles said...

I make it a point not to read back during nano. That might spell disaster for me.

I'm moving along at a nice pace mostly because I picked the right project to work on for nano. I think if I were writing something too serious, I wouldn't enjoy it so much. I'm having a lot of fun with it this year.

Sorry to hear about your jaw. Sounds very painful.