Thursday, November 09, 2006


The first week of Nano has passed, and during that time, I’ve hosted a kick-off party and two write-ins. That means I have three more weeks of write-ins and a TGIO party still to go.

The concept behind a write-in is both intriguing and confounding. Writing, at least in my experience, is a very solitary endeavor, so from a practical stand point, a write-in doesn’t seem efficient or practical. I admit that some of my lowest word counts are during the hours I spend with other nano’ers at B&N or ABC. Put me alone in the same situation and I accomplish a good deal typically, so I can’t blame my surroundings. The problem is the pressure to socialize.

It is awkward to sit at a table with semi-strangers and work.

I tried to start a freewriting/ writing prompt exercise at the kick-off, but it didn’t take off. The idea of doing a couple page critique came to mind, but that’s not the point of Nano. Besides, I wouldn’t be comfortable showing my very rough first drafts to people, why would I expect anyone else to be? I’m pretty much out of ideas after that.

Has anyone participated in a productive/enjoyable write-in, or attended a write-in at all? What helped? What did you like? Hate?


Current progress on CW:

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Viv said...

Great job! I've got another hundred words to go tonight until I hit my half-way point.

fred charles said...

I've never gone to any of the Nano write ins. We are the same in that writing to me is a solitary endeavor. I find it hard to write around other people.