Friday, January 05, 2007


The day started on the wrong foot when I finally managed to fall asleep in the early morning light and proceeded to have a nightmare. A cup of tea later, I stared out at the grey sky and wished it would either rain or the sun would come out. The morning dragged as light showers passed by silently.

Around noon the sun finally chose to show his and I decided to take a break from the writing I wasn’t doing. Grabbing a book from the stack of soon-to-be overdue library books, I headed out to enjoy the 70 degree weather. I probably sat in my porch-swing idly scanning a writing-craft book for an hour.

Then, in the middle of a chapter that held no relevance at all to the situation, something clicked in my brain. A problem in the story that I’ve been trying to fix forever suddenly whispered its solution.

The issue stemmed from a certain event that occurs early in the story. I’ve tried removing it completely, but then the rest of the plot doesn’t work. I've altered the scene a dozen times, but the issue has always remained. The solution that hit me today was so simple, I immediately doubted it would work. It took me thirty minutes of pacing (yes I pace when I am lost in thought. I really should get a treadmill or something) before I finally put all the pieces together.

Still, I doubted I could make it work outside my head, so I called my beta reader and ran it past her. She thought it was a great idea, so I spent the rest of the afternoon writing the new scene and ironing the seams (I still have more to work out, but I don’t foresee any problems.)

Funny how you can go from dragging, to ridding waves of inspiration in a single day.

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