Monday, January 08, 2007

Editing woes

I’m an editing addict. Think they have a support group for that?

Even I know it’s time to leave some of my older work alone to sink or swim so I can focus on new stuff. Really, I know that, and I understand—I’m just incapable of doing it. In the last four months I’ve written over 100k words on various projects and short stories, and as I’ve accomplished that, I’ve learned more about myself as a writer. It’s so tempting to go back and “fix” the older stuff, but it is time to stop.

I didn’t finish my edit of DH this weekend. The breakthrough I had Friday meant I had to go back through it again to iron out the plot wrinkles. Not a problem, but time consuming, so I didn’t finish by the deadline I set. My adjusted deadline is Wednesday night. After that, I’m sending it out and promising myself not to touch it again unless an editor asks for changes.

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