Saturday, January 06, 2007


I attended my second CRW meeting today, paid my dues, and am now a member! I’m so excited. Everyone has been really nice to me, but it’s so strange to meet women whose books I’ve read. Authors have always been ten feet tall in my mind, so it’s absolutely bizarre to be treated as a peer. I guess authors actually are real people too (a fact so easy to forget when I’m caught up with their characters and feeling like I could never spin a tale so well.)

I received a membership pin for joining. It’s shiny. I’ll take a picture and post it once I get my hands on a digital camera. (No, I don’t own one; it’s on my wishlist.) I’m trying to decide if I should put it on my bag (I’m a messenger bag junky. I carry one instead of a purse) or if I should wear it like it’s supposed to be worn—on a lapel. Both present potential problems. Pins on my bag have been known to fall off and get lost forever, but I’m not very likely to remember to ever pin it to my clothes. *shrugs* Maybe I’ll put it on the bag and superglue the back on. Of course, when I attend a conference, I’ll probably want to pin it to a name tag. (That’s what I’ve seen other people do.) Okay, time to get off this tangent.

*Note: No weekend art update because, as mentioned above, I am not currently borrowing a camera. I’ll try to get my hands on one in the next couple days.

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