Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting back in the swing of things

If I needed any proof that writing ties my life and sanity together, the past two weeks should offer a hint. While I enjoyed visiting relatives, watching movies and playing games with the hubbie, and trips to all kinds of places, I was practically buzzing with excitement before my hubbie’s alarm went off yesterday morning. I was thrilled, even anxious, to dive back into my work. My ‘morning’ shower got pushed off with, “let me edit one more chapter,” and “I’ll just work on this scene first” until the hubbie came home and found me still in my PJs.

If everything goes as planned, I should be sending a summery of revisions to my agent tonight and tucking the new ms in the mail soon after. *Crosses fingers* I must be the slowest and most indecisive editor ever. This probably puts edits to DH in the mid-teens. I’m really happy with this one, but I was happy with the version before it too, at the time sent it to my agent. (This is the second version of the ms that my agent will see. I talk about editing a lot, but I have yet to send her any of the changes. I’m trying to make sure it really is the best I can do, and to incorporate the feedback we have been getting from editors.)

I started reading over my nano project. *cringe* The sifting has started, and I knocked close to 8k off it. All and all it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for a speedy first draft but…it needs some TLC. It also needs some pacing help, I must have fallen into quite a mood the last couple weeks of November, the last 20k is literally nothing but action and heart-string tugging scenes. I’ll be tackling that issue soon and I should be putting up a new wordcount meter by the end of the week.

How is everyone else doing out there? Have you recovered from the holidays yet?


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm recovering nicely, thanks. I polished four or five chapters of BoS in the last couple of days, and sent the last "real" chapter off to my CP just now. That leaves only the epilogue.

Of course, now I'm anxiously waiting my CP's response, so I can send it to my agent armed with at least the knowledge that it doesn't totally suck. ;-)

Good luck with yours!

Rebecca said...

I think I've recovered......way too much driving back and forth this holiday season makes one tired and cranky. I'm sorry we didnt get a chance to get together; the BF decided to leave early.
Now comes the fun part...finding a job...

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

Thanks Rachel! I can't wait to hear what your agent says (I'm sure you'll have a second contract soon!)

Becca: You're gone already? *cries* We have to see each other at some point! Good luck on the job hunting.