Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today I'm very pleased to share the first sneak peek excerpt of GRAVE DANCE! If you'd like to check it out, you can CLICK HERE.

This first excerpt is only a few pages long, but check back often because I'll be releasing extended excerpts on or around the 15th of each month between now and the book's release in July. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!


Andrew said...

Oh my! That was so good. I'm so gonna cop Grave Dance before it hits the shelves. Thanks.

Sara said...

I am already loving it! Can't wait to read the whole book! And I'm also waiting for "Third Blood"! I think I love you Kalayna! :D Your books are amazing!

The Queen B said...

Awesome excerpt...except I want MORE! LOL.

Kalayna Price said...

Thanks Andrew! What is "cop"? *feeling slang stupid today*

Wow, thank you Sara! I'm glad you enjoy them!

More is coming, Queen B. I promise!

Andrew said...

"Cop" is slang for buy something. For example, "Ima so cop that disc." That's what I mean by "coppin" the next Alex Craft mystery. :) *peace sign*