Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaNo 24: Piracy

I like pirates. The fictional kind. You know, big hats, swords, and a penchant for rum. I really like sky pirates in their clockwork ships.

I don’t like internet pirates. Not at all. They make me sad.

Google alerted me this morning that someone made a copy of OB available for download. It was suggested that I should feel flattered that someone liked my book enough to give it away. I don’t feel flattered. I want to cry.

On average, authors make 8% of the cover price from books (that means, on your average 7.99 mass market book the author makes about 64 cent) but they make 0% on pirated downloads. Everything comes down to numbers in publishing, so not only do pirated downloads affect an author’s bottom line, but they can actually jeopardize her ability to convince publishers to purchase future books from her. Which translates to no sequels, and the author possibly having to use a pseudonym to sell another series.

Now, one little download site on my one little book isn’t the biggest concern in the world, and I’ve already earned out my advance and received a second contract. But this is still not a happy thing. So, this is a friendly message to remind people that if you like something, whether it is a book, a song, a movie, ect., please support the artist, not the pirate.

Thank you everyone who already does support the artists. I *heart* you! ^_^

P.S. Sorry for the short rant, but it really did make me sad when the site showed up.

So, how are the word counts going? Let's see some numbers. I have one follow up question from Cher I’ll be addressing later this week, and then I'm out of questions. Does anyone else have any questions or topics they’d like me to address?


Anonymous said...

find the website and send them a cease and desist letter. Have Tiernan sign it, or have his permission to use his name on it, so it looks more serious. Or have another attorney friend sign his name on it or use his name with his permission.

Anonymous said...

find the website and send them a cease and desist letter. Have Tiernan sign it, or have his permission to use his name on it, so it looks more serious. Or have another attorney friend sign his name on it or use his name with his permission.


Demon Hunter said...

Oh, that sucks, Kalayna. :-/ I don't like pirates either. You should probably do what Phe suggested.

Anyway, as of right now, my word count is 38,003. :-D Now I'm going to bed. :-D

marsman57 said...

A cease and desist probably won't work on the types of websites that would likely be hosting this unfortunately. My googling failed me because the only results I could find when trying to see where it was posted were either "pay for download" sites or they were down.

It does suck for this to happen to you, especially since you are a new artist and the margins are razor thin. I mean, if you are selling millions of copies, pirates are not going to really bust up your bottom line too badly, but for newer artists, I could see it making a significant difference.

On the bright side, since your next foray will probably not be "0 day warez", maybe some people out there will be introduced to the world of Kita and like it enough that they run out to purchase your next release because they just cannot wait for more.

All in all, monetary concerns aside, I never really understood pirating books. They are pretty cheap, have a good resell value, and are much more convenient than computer screen reading.

-- Brandon Barkley

Ginger said...

My count as of now on day 25 is 49,233 words. I'd like to finish tonight but my evening is too busy to put in even another half-hour of writing. :(

On the book...I'm not a published author so I don't know what it's like to have something pirated...but in the long run, it might not be as bad as you think. I know that I've read a lot of books from a library or from somewhere like http://www.baen.com/library/ and then gone on the buy a copy of the book later because I just really wanted to own one. Would you feel sad if people borrowed your book from the library or a friend because borrowing it from the library made you lose sales?

I know that when I first found Once Bitten, I fretted for weeks because it looked interesting but money is tight and I hate to spend money to buy something from an author I hadn't read before. I ended up buying it with micro pay rebates from fictionwise so it essentially cost me nothing. And now I have a print copy too because I just had to have one. I can't count the number of authors I've discovered by borrowing books from a friend and then later bought my own copy...and I just can't believe that I'm the only person to do that...

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! Is there anything you can do about it? I see you've gotten some suggestions. I would fight it if I was you.

Word count: 34874

Kalayna Price said...

Thanks Rob, I'll look into it!

You're moving write along Tyhitia! Keep powering on.

Good point Ginger. I'm actually a huge fan of libraries. Pirating just seems so . . . dirty. I don't cross associate them. But you are right, maybe new readers will come from it. ^_^
Oh look at that word count. So close! Do you think you'll be able to squeeze in those last 800 words tomorrow? Do you have big plans?

Thanks Cher, I forwarded it on to my publisher and asked the site to remove the download. We'll see what happens. Your word count is moving along. Will you have much time to write over the holiday?

the Gardener said...

I'm reading this on Thanksgiving Day so maybe that's why the first thing that popped in my head was, thank goodness for Google alerting you. Wow, how did they even know? Sorry for the news, though.

Kitt said...

I have my own opinions on pirating things, but I agree with the people who have said that books seem like a strange thing to pirate (though audio books are another story). I'd much rather own a real copy of a book than have a digital one, and generally books seem very affordable to me. Plus, you can't get the author to sign a pirated copy! My code of ethics when it comes to downloading is to always buy things from new authors, small time musicians and bands, etc, people who have barely gotten a start or are still trying for one and really need that money to keep going. You make a very good point about supporting the artists who you want to see more work from. If they don't get the numbers, we might not get more to enjoy reading and listening to!