Monday, November 16, 2009

Nano day 16: There are no sick days

Hey guys. No questions answered in this post. No impressive word count either--most of my gained words are from yesterday. Most, but not all.

Today I must admit to being sick. The coughing-headache-fever kind of sick.


Thank goodness for laptops. I did get a few words in today. Mostly I've been watching Buffy and sleeping. Fun.

So, short post.

22759 / 50000 words. 46% done!

I hope the rest of you are doing better than me. So how are those word counts coming? Good night everyone!


Demon Hunter said...

I skipped Saturday, but have 24,060as of a few minutes ago. :-D
Feel better and get back to writing. I'm on Buffy Season 5. :-D Are we related?

Ginger said...

Day 16: 26,904/50,000

I had to run to Bryn Mawr for a doctor's appointment (4 hour round trip for a 20 minute appointment) and it totally messed up my Monday so I only ended up with 944 words...

Anonymous said...

After having the weekend off, I felt more refreshed and ready to go. I didn't have much time to write after putting in nine hours at work. I managed to tap out 726,
putting my total at 22165

Anonymous said...

i got in 1,261 words today and I have a total of 24,422! My goal for this week (by friday) is to get 30k.

Kitt said...

Finished last night at 23,550. I'm slowly and steadily catching up. ;-) Tonight should be even more productive as I have figured out a lot of kinks and an ready and rearing to write it out.