Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nano Day 6: Belated

Opps. I didn't post yesterday, so there will be two posts today. I am ashamed to say I have fallen a good bit behind. I didn't write on Thursday. No excuse except that I was very busy and very exhausted after the craziness of my final day at work. (Oh but look, here is a picture of the cake from the awesome farewell party they threw me.) I had grand plans for making up the missing wordcount on Friday, and maybe even pulling ahead. Two things got in my way:

1) I hit the point at which I had to admit I'm not a pantzer. There were no more scenes, and I had no map. eeks! So, I spent my writing hours yesterday working on plotting and outlining (actually, I spent most of today on that too.)

2) This is a big weekend for the Columbia Hoop Troop. We are hosting Lara from GA's Super Hoopers. She's in town to offer local hoopers free classes to spread the joy of hooping. Large chunks of yesterday were spent preparing for her arrival and getting the space for the classes ready. But, we had an absolutely amazing turnout! Here is an image I snapped of the beginner class. (You can't even see everyone in this picture.)

I'm actually headed out to set up for the next hooping class, so (with a little embarrassment) I'm going to splash my wordmeter up here and then run. I'll post for day seven later tonight.

8193 / 50000 words. 16% done!

I've been watching your word counts, and you guys are amazing! I'll catch up soon. How was day six for you?


Anonymous said...

i got in 2468 words for day 6! which brings my total to......

34,778 more words to go!

Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

On day 6, I wrote 2876 words.
Total of 12,383/50,000

S. said...

I'm stalled at 11k. Wal-Mart had that Xbox 360 sale and while I haven't actually got any games, I've been - not writing -


Demon Hunter said...

I have to catch up too, Kalayna. I missed Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but you know why. ;-D

I'm about to get some writing in right now and later this evening. :-D

Greg said...

Way off my proper count, but getting into the juicier part of the story now, and only stopping for now due to graveyard shift at the job. 10,469 as of Sunday Night.

Kalayna Price said...

Looking good Kailia and Ginger!

You're ahead of me S. Maybe you can bribe yourself with the prospect of buying games once you reach 50k?

Hope everything is going well Tyhitia! We will catch up together.

Not that far off, Greg. You can still catch up!