Thursday, November 05, 2009

NaNo Day 5: News and a Poll

Today was my very last day at the day job. It was a hectic one as I ran around trying to anticipate any issues I could preemptively fix, but now it is over. I had a lot of friends I'll miss and I hope to keep contact with. The department threw me an amazing farewell party, and my boss said the sweetest speech. I guess it was kind of like having a funeral--people say all the good stuff--but I was alive to hear it.

Well, this page of my life has now passed. Tomorrow is my first day as a full time writer. Guess that means I have to write an impressive amount tomorrow. X_X

In the mean time, I'm entering a contest the brilliant Faith Hunter is hosting, and I'm trying to decide which picture to use. What do you think?

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

I hope you are all finding good words today! Write on!


Ginger said...

Today did not go well. I did world-building (and a short story in the world). I wrote message board posts and facebook updates and blog comments...but nothing I can count as actual novel process. The words were not coming today. Tomorrow, we'll have to get out the whip and force them.


Anonymous said...

i posted this on yesterday's post! argh.....
today i got in 891 words in half an hour.So my grand total so far is 12,759/50,000.

is it normal for the word count on the NaNo site to have less words then the word count on Word? Because I have 12,759 on Word but 12,756 on the NaNo Counter.

Greg said...

Day 5: 7,193 words. Lucky I wrote today, had to force my butt into the chair for a bit. Still hoping to catch up a lot this weekend somehow.
Photo 1 looks the best cause both dogs are participating.
Congrats on being an official author, what with the no other job and all. Hope it works out well.

Demon Hunter said...

Write on, indeed. Now, I should be writing. Must. Stay. Awake.

Grrr...I'm :-D

Anonymous said...

Today 2136, pulling my word count up to 8290. Random scenes are producing themselves. As of now, I feel as if I'm producing the middle of my book. Need to produce scene cards and fill in what comes before.

Kitt said...

My vote is for photo number 1, cute!

Wowser, today has been one crazy ride. I pulled ahead again and met and exceeded the goal for today. The word counts are going great, the word quality has been a little rough, though that has gotten better throughout the night. Take that inner editor!

I have made some amazing, disturbing, and saddening discoveries about a couple of my characters. One, I'm falling in love with hardcore, and the tragedy is that she has to die. The other is on the fast track to arch villain, and I feel helpless to stop him. I want so badly for him to redeem himself before the end, but it's not looking good.


Marcia Colette said...

LOL! I like the third one.

And congrats on moving to writing full-time. I'm so happy for you. If I don't get to live out the dream yet, then I'm glad my friends can. I'll just live vicarously through you. ;-)

S. said...

So Dragon Age Origins came out a couple days

I've ground out about 10k, but I'm already falling behind. >.<

Anonymous said...

Photo 3 would be my chose. Makes me think the one dog is looking over the other.