Sunday, November 08, 2009

NaNo: The start of a new week

Week one of NaNo is now behind us. While I decided I hated my shiny yesterday, I am once again very much in love with it. I am still plotting and fleshing out characters, but things are falling into place. I'm behind, no more than yesterday, but not significantly less either. I'll have to work on that.

In the mean time, I'm happy it is shiny to me again, and I am looking forward to working on it again tomorrow. I'm not sure if it was the plotting, or the fact I spent a little time out of my head read someone else's work, but I see the potential again.

Do you fall in and out of love with your words? How do you renew their vigor and gleam?

Current wordcount:

10017 / 50000 words. 20% done!


Anonymous said...

My feeling toward mine has been teetering. Today I'm leaning more toward the good side.

Word count 13026, 26% done.

Ginger said...

Total: 15,303/50,000

I am not at all happy with my progress...too much procrastinating on my part. Suddenly even cooking looks better than writing and I hate to cook.

I wrote 1498 words in slightly less than an hurt this morning, and nothing since then. I had an empty day...but somehow, no writing got done. I really need to try to set more time aside in the mornings.

Anonymous said...

i haven't written much more than 100 words for my story. i'm going to be writing a lot tomorrow! is it just my computer or is the NaNo site acting up?

Demon Hunter said...

I always love my stories and ideas. I almost always hate how I write them---at first. Then I go back and try to make them shine. :-D

Greg said...

Day 9 is nearly up for me, and I am up to 13,203.
I get to spend my work night figuring out how the hero gets to defuse a fight between a pack of vampires and a satyr. We'll see how good a diplomat he can be tomorrow.
As for likability, story preference comes and goes for me, and its tough to stick to one story instead of writing five or six at a time (which ruins any momentum they each could build were I to write that way).

Kalayna Price said...

Past the quarter mark, Cher! Woot for leaning toward the good side.

Ginger, you are ahead of schedule. Don't pound too much guilt into yourself. Maybe you needed the down time?

Kailia, it's not just your computer--the nano site was down for maintenance today.

Tyhitia, good point. Later drafts are the point to really buff a story.

Looking good Greg. Keep pushing ahead. Eeks, writing five or six at a time?

Kitt said...

Catching up on comments here. . .

I do fall in and out of love with my words. Actually, I fell way out of love with what I wrote for NaNo last year because I realized it was part of that first 100K of bad words, lol. This year has much more potential, and so far, it's keeping my head spinning enough to have stayed at least in lust with the story. I'm hoping for long term with this one. If nothing else I love at least two of my characters dearly.