Monday, November 09, 2009

NaNo Day Nine

Not much to report today. I ran off to the zoo and did a little writing, but mostly took pictures. If I were writing about gorillas, I would have fascinating new material because I spent a good bit of time chatting with a keeper, but alas, no gorillas. (Maybe I can create some shapeshifters in the Dark Haven series whose second form is that of a gorilla . . . )

Chugging along. Definitely not crossing the 15k mark tonight, but I'm not unhappy with the words I wrote.

11522 / 50000 words. 23% done!

Let's see those wordcounts. Anyone learn anything new and fascinating today?


Demon Hunter said...

I'm at 12,002. I'm learning new things about my characters and creating the world. It's fascinating. :-D

Ginger said...

Day 9 Total: 17,002/50,000

Good News is that yesterday, the writing went very quickly and easily - important because I didn't have much time. Bad News was that I'm 95% certain that what I was writing will be in the last chapter of the book. :( Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Talk about writing last chapter. I've managed to write the climax and resolution. Now I have to move backwards.

I'm at 14790

Anonymous said...

i didn't write any thing on day nine. day ten is much better for me! i have to write 1,824 more words to get to 20k!