Thursday, November 26, 2009

NaNo 26: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I've never taken a picture of a turkey, but I tend to snap far too many pictures of big cats, so today, Lions will be representing Thanksgiving on this blog. ^_^


Ginger said...

I win! Well...almost. I'm almost finished with the story, just a short epilogue to go. And my word count as of 10am this morning - 50,881 words

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Demon Hunter said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kalayna and Ginger!:-D

And congratulations to you Ginger. :-D

Kitt said...

I like the new faces of Thanksgiving as I've always been a cat person and cats, big and small, are certainly something to be thankful for. Happy Lion Day! ;-)

As of right now: 38,320
I did not get anything done when I was at my parents' house. It had the exact opposite affect that on assumed it would on my productivity, but I'm sitting here on Friday night trying to play catch up. I will win this year, even if I have to stay up four nights in a row to do so!

Anonymous said...

Almost there!
Word count : 45865

Anonymous said...

this is really late but happy thanksgiving to everyone

i've got 40k in but i've still got a long way to go...but i will win sooon! good job ginger~

Kalayna Price said...

Congrats Ginger!!

Thanks everyone for the Thanksgiving wishes!

Keep going Tyhitia, Heather, Cher, and Kailia! You can do it!!

(Hmm, I'm a little exclamation happy at the moment . . . ^_^ )